Third Australian RoboCup Robot Soccer Open
Championship 2004

The Australian Robot Soccer Open was sponsored by Telstra and took place in the Innovation and Technology Research Laboratory at the University of Technology, Sydney on April 16, 2004.

The games were broadcast live on the web, and we hope to upload movies of the games in the near future. But in the meantime you can enjoy a little number called Posh off Becks produced by the Sydney Morning Herald


UTS Unleashed! from the University of Technology, Sydney
MicroSoft Hellhounds from The University of Dortmund, Germany
rUNSWift from The University of NSW
NUbots from The University of Newcastle
Mi_PAL from Griffith University.

Robot Soccer in 2004

The RoboCup 2004 will take place in Lisbon, Portugal and is collocated with the human European Soccer Championship EURO2004 which is one of the world's largest events; second only to the FIFA Soccer World Cup!

RoboCup 2002 collocated with the FIFA Soccer World Cup and over 120,000 people came along to watch robot soccer matches over 3 days!

The teams from UTS, UNSW and the University of Newcastle gained automatic qualification to the 2004 World Cup based on their strong performances at the 2003 World Cup.

Game Results

10:00 UTS Unleashed! vs Griffith 12 - 0
10:40 UNSW vs Newcastle   1 - 4
11:20 UTS Unleashed! vs MicroSoft Hellhounds           9 - 0
12:00 Newcastle vs Griffith 10 - 0
13:30 UNSW vs Microsoft Hellhounds  1 - 2
14:10 Newcastle vs UTS Unleashed!  3 - 6
14:50 UNSW vs Griffith  6 - 0
15:30 Newcastle vs MicroSoft Hellhounds  4 - 2
16:10 UNSW vs UTS Unleashed!  0 - 9
16:50 Griffith vs MicroSoft Hellhounds  0 - 8

Team Championship Points

UTS Unleashed! 12 FIRST
MicroSoft Hellhounds          6 THIRD
Newcastle  9 SECOND
Griffith  0

Other National Robot Soccer Championships in 2004

German OPEN : April 2-4, Paderborn
Japan OPEN : May 1-4, Osaka
American OPEN : April 24 - 27, New Orleans
For more information contact:
Professor Mary-Anne Williams
Innovation and Technology Research Laboratory
Faculty of Information Technology
The University of Technology, Sydney
NSW 2007 Australia


We would like to thank the Faculty of Information Technology IT Support Team and Telstra for their generous support. We would also like to thank Sony for providing extra robot batteries and team uniforms for this Official RoboCup event.